Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sharia conference in 2012

here is list of 7 things you can do.Please feel free to improvise on this paper.

1. Jot down ideas about Sharia conferences to be held in March & July 2012*

2. Purpose is to help ease the tensions and mitigate the hype to build a cohesive America. It is to assure the moderate majority of Americans who are looking for leadership from Muslims, and hear that we are all in this together to make America safe and prosperous for everyone.

3. Develop your own contact list of at least 100 and ask your friends who are committed to contribute positively to building a cohesive America.

a. Mayor, council, fire and police

b. County commissioners

c. State Representative

d. US Senator, Congress person

e. Clergy from every religious tradition, bigger churches

f. Presidents of major corporations

4. Together, we can develop a good solid program that addresses the issues. The input will come from friends on the right and the left. Even a few Tea party members are willing to be a part of brain storming to share their concerns, so we can address it comprehensively.

5. I invite you to join me for the Unity Day USA on 9/11/11 in Dallas, details are at - we can hold a meeting on September 12 and 13 to put together a solid plan and presentation material to go forward. Our goal is to make America a safe and secure place for every one of the 301 Million Americans.

6. As a volunteer myself, I have asked Dr. Basheer Ahmed and Hon. Imam Dr. Yusuf Kavakci to co-Chair the event. You may consider the process for your own town or city.

7. Let’s focus on ten cities including Dallas, Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco and in Ohio (primaries) or other cities. If you have the committed volunteers, we can do this in more cities. We need to work on getting ample and continuous coverage from the media. I am talking with Sean Hannity and hope to reach a few more.

Mike Ghouse
Committed to build a cohesive America

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