Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharia articles first week of March 2012

‘Anti-Sharia' Bill Blasted as Unconstitutional, Prejudicial

Councilman Bill Peduto blasted the bill, which would prohibit "the application of foreign law which would impair constitutional rights." He said it is based on an "anti-Sharia law" bill that was struck down by federal courts in Oklahoma.
"The bill that is being considered by Pennsylvania State Legislature caters to bigotry and prejudice," said Peduto. "Its basis is unconstitutional. It goes against the wishes of our founding fathers."

Minn. Shari`ah Bill Dropped, Muslims Happy

MINNEAPOLIS – Facing a strong Muslim opposition, a Republican lawmaker has withdrawn plans for introducing a bill to ban Islamic Shari`ah in the mid-western state of Minnesota, a move that pleased the Muslim minority."It was never my intent to introduce legislation that was being targeted to any one group," Republican State Senator Dave Thompson said, CBS Minnesota reported on Monday, March 5.
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A misguided Minnesota anti-sharia bill

Whether wittingly or not, Thompson found himself caught up in the anti-Muslim antics of David Yerushalmi, a nationally known anti-Muslim activist. He was the force behind the deluge of bills introduced in more than 20 states last year opposing Islamic religious law known as sharia, which guides Muslim behavior, actions and spiritual life.

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Jewish Divorce Caught in Sharia Law Fight

Florida Bill Could Bar Orthodox Couples From Using Beth Din

The bill’s supporters acknowledge that their proposal is aimed at Muslims. But David Barkey, an Anti-Defamation League attorney specializing in church-state issues, said that the bill will affect Jews. Because only a man can grant his wife a Jewish divorce, or get, Barkey said, a beit din —singlular forbatei din — may be seen as violating state and federal equal protection principles, which bar discrimination based on gender.

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Citing 'Demonizing' Fliers, Muslims Want 'Anti-Sharia' Bill Pulled

Crying "sedition," one flier stated: "Our religious, political and peaceful way of life is under attack by Islam and Sharia law." The one-page leaflet was produced by a group called Students for the Constitution.
The measure, which would restrict foreign laws from being used in Florida courts, was also assailed by the Rev. Russell Meyer of the Florida Council of Churches, Apostolic Catholic Church Bishop Chuck Leigh and the Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson of the First United Church of Tampa.

“An attack on one religion is an attack on all," Meyer asserted.

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Religious leaders: Florida's anti-Sharia bills are "an attack on all religions"

Multi-denominational religious leaders and advocacy groups came together in Tampa to speak out against twin bills in the Florida House and Senate. The measures would ban Foreign Laws from use in Florida courtrooms. Speakers at the press conference this afternoon said the proposed law is an attack on religious freedom.

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