Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sharia Laws have no chance in America

No Sharia in America, there simply is no chance logically or mathematically. 

  1. If equal pay for equal work for women bill cannot pass the house and senate, what makes one think Sharia bill will pass?
  2.  No American Muslim Organization has asked for it, nor a majority of Muslims are seeking Sharia Laws be applied. They have subscribed to laws enshrined in our constitution and they believe it serves the justice fairly and equitably.
  3. The Sharia Phobia, and Anti-Sharia laws being introduced in state legislatures is all about making money.  The smart men are making assess out of legislators in passing the anti-Sharia bills in different states and in the process making a fortune by doing useless things.
  4. The only option Muslims are seeking is counseling alternatives. If a Jewish, Christian or a Hindu couple files for divorce, of the many options the judge gives the couple is consulting with their lawyers, family members, friends, Rabbis, Pastors or clergy, and in case of Muslim couple, an Imam who can counsel them religiously.  The Imam offers them choices from Sharia, and if they mutually agree to the terms of divorce, the Judge puts his signature to the deal.

    All that matters to the Judge is that the couple has mutually agreed to settle their conflict, be it Sharia guidance, 
    psychological counseling, money allurements or whatever.
  5. Sharia Laws are applicable only in a Muslim majority nations.
  6. Muslim population in America is about 1%.  Half of that population is women, and they will strongly stand against it if goes against their rights.
  7. Another half of those half - Muslim men will stand opposed to it.
  8. There may be less than 1% of Muslims who may want some form of Sharia - check out the YouTube videos by Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and Marc Shiner listed in Key Videos on the left column of this site.
  9. It would take 150 years for Muslims to be 51% of America, that is,  if all Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, Jews, Atheist and others  do not produce more than a child, otherwise it will never happen
  10. In 50 years, the new immigrant Muslims will be less than 5% of Muslims as Muslims would be 5th or 6th generation Americans.
  11. Those who are born and raised here along with all other Americans, subscribe to the American Values of equality, fairness and justice enshrined in our constitution.
  12. The more we integrate, the more we become one.
  13. There is no need to fear about Sharia or spend any legislative time on it.
  14. There are two types of Sharia - Personal and Public, personal is about the relationship between God and the individual and Public is between two individuals or more.  Personal Sharia is how you pray, fast, give alms etc, where as Public Sharia is about enforcing contract like marriage, divorce, partnerships, business, government, civil and other contracts and governance of a people. 

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