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Sharia solutions initiatives

Great initiative, it is fairly close to the Sharia conference I have been planning, indeed, I had sent the initial plan to Imam Mujahid along with a large group of Muslims leadership in the US. Glad to see this coming through. Together, we can reach out and allay the Sharia Phobia among the right wing Americans, and hope to assure the Moderate Americans, the majority that the Sharia law portrayed by them does exist in 3 out of the 56 Muslim Majority nations, but will never make it among Muslims living in other nations, and certainly not in America. Muslim Americans are not asking or want that part of the mis-applied  Sharia. Please refer to the article on the left panel.

Mike Ghouse
Muslims Together working for a cohesive America
Hate against Muslims is becoming lethal.

The Norway terrorist Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people, was influenced by    American anti-Sharia Islamophobes. He said that he was killing to stop a Sharia    takeover.

Breivik’s brand of hatred is based on intentional ignorance. The same ignorance is represented in the 49 bills in 25 states calling for a Sharia ban. Now a number of U.S. presidential hopefuls are calling for a federal  Sharia ban.

The major source of this ignorance and hate is the internet. Just Google the    word “Sharia” and see the search results in    images,    videos, and    articles. This is what the Norway terrorist quotes and this is what anti-Sharia    lawmakers cite.

We Muslims must tell our story.

Practicing Islam is practicing Sharia. Our month-long fasting, our prayers,    eating Halal and serving our communities are all Sharia. But that is not what    our neighbors know.Banning Sharia affects you and I in concrete ways. These bills will prevent    Muslims from being able to marry, divorce, inherit, bequeath, and finance according    to Sharia.

We cannot allow the criminalization of our faith, or for that matter, any faith    in our country. Freedom from state interference in religious practice is one of    the cornerstones of our nation. Anti-Sharia bills do just the opposite.

This ignorance will not die if we remain silent. It is crucial that we urgently    provide accurate information about Sharia. Even those who oppose these bills are    searching desperately for more information. Abraham Foxman, National Director    of the ADL, says that “People don’t know what Sharia means…”

Sound Vision is developing fresh information on Sharia to answer the critical    questions the public has on the topic. We plan to put this material on,    to be launched this fall and updated regularly thereafter insha Allah.

Alhamdu lillah, so far we have written about 100 articles on Sharia, and filmed    professors from Harvard, Columbia, Duke, and other universities on different aspects    of Sharia, Jewish and Catholic laws, and freedom of religion in our country.

However, a great amount of work still needs to be done. We need to retain more    scholars, producers, and SEO experts. Sharia 101 requires retaining top-notch    experts who must be compensated for their time and effort.

Sound Vision has been serving the community for the last 23 years by producing    high quality Islamic information for Muslims and non-Muslims. This is our area    of expertise.

Please support this initiative during this blessed month of Ramadan through    your Zakat and Sadaqa. I urge you to consider giving $40, $80, $500, $1,000, $2,500,    $5,000 or whatever you can for the sake of our Deen.Your donations are Zakat-eligible and tax-deductible.

Donations are needed now to develop the content of our project before the presidential    campaign, in which a federal ban of Sharia is likely to be proposed.

We need to raise $480,000 for this project. So far we have raised $120,000. With Allah’s blessings and your support we will insha Allah be able to assist    our neighbors to understand Muslim perspectives on Sharia so that ignorance can    no longer be used as a weapon by hate-mongers to kill, attack our Masjids, or    criminalize the practice of Islam.

Thank you.
 May Allah reward you for your generosity.

Abdul Malik Mujahid

 P.S. Sound Vision is a tax deductible not for profit 501 (C) 3 organization. You    can learn more about our   Sharia101 project    here. p.s.s. We have already produced three brochures for non-Muslims about Sharia.    Please feel free to call to get copies for your friends or Masjids at 1-800-432-4262

Sharia Resources Available Now

These three brochures are available now for our neighbors providing some aspects    of Muslims perspectives on the Sharia debate. Order printed copies   here,   here, and   here or    Download free from the links below:

 Sharia American Muslims

Prophet Honored by Supreme Court

Sharia and Freedom of Religion

Sharia 101

What you can do against the anti-Sharia bills today!

What your Masjid can do?

What your interfaith partners can do?

Volunteers for the project

Sharia project

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