Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop Sharia law

Stop Sharia Law, Foreign Law from Entering American Courts

I wish the neocon gang spends their time in mitigating conflicts, their passion to do wrong if funneled to bring peace will produce great results. But it is about making money for them, peace will stop their income hate will augment their income. What a shame that the simpletons write them checks for creating chaos – Mike Ghouse


Shariah Law’s main “mouthpiece” and organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, has as its goal the downfall of the West and the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. Their motto is “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Middle East analyst Marwan Muasher declared: “The Muslim Brotherhood has been used for a long time as a scare tactic.” Then he half-heartedly added: “That is not to say they don’t have designs.” This militant spokesperson oversees research for the Middle East at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, funded by leftist multi-billionaire GEORGE SOROS, one of the leftist world’s most influential men, politically.

According to Frontpagemag.com: “Soros is waging his own personal ideological war against America by shoveling seemingly limitless funds into organizations giving life to his ‘progressive’ vision of social justice.”

“That vision, like the Muslim Brotherhood’s, identifies America and Israel as the ‘Great Satan’ and ‘Little Satan’ respectively, who must be demolished to pave the way for a purifying, redemptive utopia.”

“Soros and his spokesmen like Muasher see opportunity in the unrest roiling in the Middle East and North Africa – opportunity to support the enemy. The numerous ties of Soros and his Shadow Party cohorts have been documented; they include the master puppeteer’s own Open Society Institute and various anti-Western Islamist groups in the revolutions. It has been confirmed, for instance, that the International Crisis Group (ICG), led in part by Soros, has long petitioned for the Egyptian government to ‘normalize’ ties with the previously banned Brotherhood.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds in Egypt. Some say the election will show just exactly how strong they are in Egypt…..very strong!

With our heart and soul, we will stand against Mr. Soros, the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah Law! This is literally a battle of survival for the integrity of the United States and our U.S. Constitution. But with the pro-Muslim leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, we must continue in this all-out war for the literal soul of America.

We have made a very patriotic, serious decision to bring this fight to America! The Bill which outlaws foreign law from our U.S. Court system (H.R. 973) only has 56 co-sponsors. WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE OTHER 379 House Representatives in this fight?

Do you know where your Representative stands in this very important piece of legislation? You need to find out! And quickly.

What is H.R. 973? This is a simple, short bill designed to protect Americans from being forced under laws which we did not enact, but were enacted by foreign powers or foreign peoples. The motivation for this bill is primarily that the sponsors do not want judges to use Shariah law, but this bill would apply to any foreign law which judges might use to subvert the Constitution or the will of the people of the United States. We are a sovereign nation.

You can also CLICK HERE to send a FREE message directly to YOUR U.S. Representative and Senators!

Part of the bill reads:

‘In any court created by or under article III of the Constitution of the United States, no justice, judge, or other judicial official shall decide any issue in a case before that court in whole or in part on the authority of foreign law, except to the extent the Constitution or an Act of Congress requires the consideration of that foreign law.’

However, It is still in the Subcommittee of the U.S. Constitution and has been since March 9th – almost 4 months ago! This bill is too important to stay in a Committee for that long!

With your help we can expand this intensive NATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN to put the other 379 House Members and U.S. Senators “ON NOTICE” that they should support this Bill, before too many cities include foreign law and Shariah Law in their judicial system!

We urgently need your help today?

Since this is an all-out war for the very soul of America, a national media campaign is necessary to get this important bill passed. Our immediate plans include:

  • Create ads that will tell people what their Member of Congress is doing on this vital bill
  • Create and run television ads in key areas, as well as satellite ads
  • Run urgent campaigns on FACEBOOK and GOOGLE
  • Keep up the pressure via our critical and massive Congressional faxing efforts

U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) introduced H.R. 973 which outlaws foreign law from our U.S. Court system. She had 56 co-sponsors. Why aren’t more Congressmen committing to this very important bill? That’s why we must fax them to let them know how patriotic Americans truly feel. Let’s fax our Congressmen to raise our voice of support.

You can also CLICK HERE to send a FREE message directly to YOUR U.S. Representative and Senators!

We must not let radical Islam penetrate our legal system!

According to Shariah Law, their law supersedes any Constitutional Law!

Little-by-little, Shariah Law is infiltrating the United States that you and I once knew. Our founding fathers of our U.S. Constitution would rise up in rebellion to what is going on, even in our own court system where some places have already “embraced” Shariah Law in various degrees.

I am NOT against Muslims! I am not against the right of any religion to practice their religion in the United States. Freedom of religion is one of the chief cornerstones of our republic and democracy. However, when a religion goes against our sovereign Constitution, then it must be thought of as sedition; and that religion must be limited.

One of the objectives of Shariah Law is to make sure they take over every aspect and area of life in a country: political, military, religion, everyday life. That is the ultimate goal of Shariah Law—to CONTROL every area of your life.

That is only one of the dangers of Shariah Law infiltrating our Justice system.

Governmental appointees of Shariah-compliant Muslims are drastically on the increase. In fact, it is in epidemic proportions. Do you want Shariah Law to replace our United States Constitution? Of course not. Then we must continue to fax every Member of the United States Congress to keep the pressure on!

You can also CLICK HERE to send a FREE message directly to YOUR U.S. Representative and Senators!

Conservatives, such as you, oppose a dual legal system in the United States that would weaken the U.S. Constitution (NO FOREIGN LAWS!) Of course Liberals are the first to line up to oppose almost anything that Conservatives are for. In the United States, most feminists, gays, liberal professors and atheists line up to support Islam and Shariah Law. Ironically, according to Shariah Muslim Law, these are the very first groups that will be beheaded, hung or stoned to death in a radical Muslim takeover.

The liberal media helps to foment public opinion in the wrong way. Has the liberal media given any space to the long-range bad effects of Shariah Law?

Of course not! That’s one of the reasons why this national media campaign to create ads that will tell people what their Member of Congress is doing on this bill is so important. We want to create and run ads in key areas, as well as satellite ads. There will be campaigns on FACEBOOK and GOOGLE. Of course, with your help today, we will keep up the pressure via our critical and massive Congressional faxing efforts! We need your help today!

The biggest threat to you and me is right here in the United States. Under the auspices of being “politically correct” and taking in “the poor, huddled masses,” we have thrown the door wide open to radical Islam. Shariah is not complete until it controls every single area of our society. In Shariah Law, our United States Constitution would be finished. Women’s rights would be a thing of the past.

And George Soros, and his kind, will have won their victory! But we will not ever let that happen!

In every way possible, Shariah Law will not stop at your street-corner. It will try to come inside your very household. And we must do all we possibly can to stop Shariah law IN ITS TRACKS before it invades ALL of the United States of America!!

Shariah Law is trying to overtake our U.S. Judicial System and must be stopped! H.R. 973 passage will prevent foreign law in our federal court system. We must fax NOW!

The bottom line: If we do not stop the growth of Shariah now, we will not be able to stop it later! Your faxes today will assist us in this all-out war for the very soul of America!

Help us this very moment to NOTIFY every Member of Congress to Co-Sponsor H.R. 973 right away; and to help get this important bill out of Subcommittee!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Action Alerts

P. S. Please help us to STOP SHARIAH LAW in the United States by faxing every single Member of the United States Congress to Co-Sponsor H.R. 973! I know you do not want our country being taken over by a foreign, radical religious set of laws; or even by extremists like George Soros!

You can also CLICK HERE to send a FREE message directly to YOUR U.S. Representative and Senators!

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